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Nov 24, 2012 8:45am EST
good we do: inside the u.s. house of representatives." this is about 45 minutes. >> good afternoon. i'm evan smith, i'm the ceo andy editor-in-chief of the texas tribune. i am pleased to be here with myt old buddy, robert draper, av veteran magazine writer and author whose latest book is "doy not ask what good we do." robert is a familiar face around these parts having spent thei meaty, early part of his career as one of texas monthly'sil marquee writers, in fact, us being up here together again ise kind of like dean martin and jerry lewis back on stage.rkey [laughter] eing a bit together again is kind of like dean martin and jerry lewis back on stage. he is currently a contributing writer to the new york times magazine and national geographic and a correspondent for gq. his previous books include dead certain and critically acclaimed biography of george w. bush, a comprehensive history of rolling stone magazine, and a novel, hadrian's walls. a native of houston and its and the university of texas at austin. please join me in welcoming robert draper. [applause] nice to see you. >> nic
Nov 4, 2012 9:00am EST
hampshire and they fought over it and actually the state making part of vermont has its reflection in our u.s. constitution. the article and the clause talks about how states will be made in the constitution. was really a result of the constitution new york had with new hampshire and vermont about who is going to own it and how was vermont going to be a separate state? so we had that influence sunday from the constitution making of our country. so the cover image is a detail of painting, a few of 1875 by frank child. the reason we put it on the cover, if you look at the whole of it, you see it's got everything about vermont you need to know. it's got mountains, fields, cows, it's got a bad road, it's got an industry building there. it's got little houses, a church, a meeting house. in a sense, it's a microcosmic view of what the state is about and the tension between those. the mountains have been not only geographic figure, but marvel comes out of it. it's been an economic resource. it's an agricultural state. we have had industry here from early on not as big as elsewhere, but everything go
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2